The Caraga Regional Development Council (RDC) led the preparation of the successor Caraga Regional Development Plan (RDP) 2017-2022.

The crafting of the Caraga RDP along with its accompanying documents – the Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP) and Results Matrix (RM) – commenced with the approval of the Planning Process  by the RDC through Resolution No. 44, series 2016, which was approved during the 88th Caraga RDC Full Council Meeting last September 27, 2016 at NEDA-Caraga Conference Hall, Butuan City.


Regional Planning Committees

To begin the planning process, the Caraga RDC created five Regional Planning Committees (RPC), which assessed Caraga’s performance and formulated the region’s development directions.

RPC 1 is Economic Development Committee which handles macro-economic stability; agriculture and fisheries; and industry and services.

RPC 2 is Human Capital Development Committee which tackles human capital development as a means and as an end and resiliency of individuals and families.

RPC 3 is Infrastructure Development Committee for all infrastructure related concerns.

RPC 4 is Enhancing the Social Fabric Committee which is in charge of building trust in public institutions; peace, public order and security; and valuing cultural diversity.

RPC 5 is Ecological Integrity Committee.

Each RPC is composed of regional line agencies, RDC Private Sector Representatives, and the local government units of five provinces and six cities.


Assessment Workshops

The five RPCs took the first step of the process by assessing sectors’ and sub-sectors’ performances during the following dates:

  • October 14, 2016 – RPC 1
  • October 18, 2016 – RPC 3
  • October 19, 2016 – RPC 5
  • October 20, 2016 – RPC 4
  • October 21, 2016 – RPC 2

During the said activity, the performance of each sub-sector was presented and validated. Local government units were consulted on specific challenges that hindered the accomplishment of targets.

All activities were held at NEDA-Caraga Conference Hall.


Public Consultations

The RPCs went on to conduct public consultations to ensure the involvement of as many stakeholders and key development partners as possible:

  • Agusan del Sur and Bayugan City – November 7
  • Surigao del Sur and Tandag City – November 11
  • Agusan del Norte, Cabadbaran City, and Butuan City – November 14
  • Surigao del Norte and Surigao City – November 15
  • Dinagat Islands – November 16
  • Bislig City – November 22

During the public consultations, the Acting RDC Chair shared the Administration’s major thrusts and directions for development and good governance, such as the 0+10 Socio-Economic Agenda, the Long Term Vision (LTV or the Ambisyon Natin 2040), the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Philippine Development Plan (PDP), 2017-2022.

Then the Provincial and City Planning and Development coordinators presented their views on the RDP’s vision statement, goals, regional development framework and spatial development framework. More importantly they discussed their LGU’s development thrusts, spatial framework and role in regional development. They ended by specifying that they will need from national government.

Lastly, the RPCs generated list of priority programs and projects and policy/legislative agenda of regional significance.


Results Matrix Formulation

Last November 8-9, 2016, the RPCs formulated the RMs of the RDP.

The RMs contain the Region’s targets that are aligned with the Region’s goals and priorities as well as the President’s 0+10 Socio-Economic Agenda, the LTV, SDGs, and the PDP’s thrusts.

Critical to the RMs formulation is the identification of core indicators which shall form part of the Philippine Statistical System.

On the first day of workshop, each sector formulated their sectoral objectives tree, which contains the statements and chain of results of the chapter.  The AmBisyon Natin 2040 and the PDP 2017-2022 served as the overarching goals of the sectoral objectives tree of the RDP chapters.

Thereafter, sectoral outcomes were formulated to contribute to the attainment of the societal goal and the LTV.

On the second day, the RPCs validated existing indicators and formulated new ones. From the list, the RPCs identified core indicators that shall form part of the Philippine Statistical System.


Strategies Formulation

On November 17 and 18, 2016, the different RPCs met to formulate strategies, programs, projects, and activities at the following venues:

  • RPC 1 – NEDA-Caraga Conference Hall (November 17)
  • RPC 2 – Grand Palace Restaurant (November 18)
  • RPC 3 – Alberto’s Bed and Breakfast (November 17)
  • RPC 4 – NEDA-Caraga Conference Hall (November 18)
  • RPC 5 – Alberto’s Bed and Breakfast (November 18)

During the workshop, strategies were formulated from the various development challenges that were identified during the assessment workshop.

The programs, projects, and activities were then identified based on the strategies.

Likewise, policy and legislative agenda as well as research agenda were formulated to facilitate resolution of the identified challenges.

Sectoral Committee Presentations

The results of the various workshop were presented for comments to the different RDC Sectoral Committees on the following dates:

  • November 29 – Social Development Committee
  • December 1 – Economic Development Committee
  • December 2 – Infrastructure Development Committee
  • December 6 – Development Administration Committee

The committee members provided additional inputs to the identified challenges and strategies. Moreover, commitments to provide enhancements to the plan were also generated.


Next Steps

The RDC Secretariat will prepare the first draft of the Caraga RDP 2017-2022 by the end of December 2016 for submission to NEDA Central Office.

A second round of public consultations will be conducted in the 3rd and 4th week of January 2017 to gather additional concerns, comments, and enhancements from the local government units.

Later, the refined plan will be presented to the Sectoral Committees for further comments and endorsement to the Caraga RDC in February 2017.

Finally, the Caraga RDP 2017 will be presented to the Caraga RDC for adoption and approval in March 2017. The rest of the year will be devoted to communication and advocacy of the plan.