The Officials

The RDC is jointly headed by a Chairperson and a Co-Chairperson appointed by the President of the Philippines. If the Chairperson comes from the government, the Co-Chairperson must come from the private sector, or vice-versa. Only elective officials are appointed as Chair or Co-Chairperson.

The NEDA Regional Director is the ex-officio Vice-Chairperson of the RDC, while the NEDA Assistant Regional Director is the ex-officio Secretary.

The same officials serve as the ex-officio Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary of the RDC Executive and Advisory Committees.

The terms of office of the Chairperson,   Co-Chairperson and the PSRs coincide with the regular term of local elective officials. This prescribed term of office is without prejudice to reappointment.

Period Chair Co-Chair Vice Chair Secretary
1995-1998 Ma. Angelica Rosedell Amante (Governor, Agusan del Norte) Felix Villacastin  Jose Mazo  Johnny Lim
1998-2001 Valentina Plaza (Governor, Agusan del Sur) Engr. Epimaco Galero Jr.  Jose Mazo  Johnny Lim
2001-2004 Lyndon Barbers (Governor, Surigao del Norte)  None Carmencita Cochingco
2004-2007 Democrito Plaza II (Mayor, Butuan City) Engr. Leonel Santos Carmencita Cochingco
2007-2010  None  None Carmencita Cochingco
2010-2013 Sol Matugas (Governor, Surigao del Norte) Marlon Advincula (Private Sector Representative) Carmencita Cochingco Mylah Faye Aurora Carino (2012-2013)
2013-2016 Sol Matugas (Governor, Surigao del Norte) Mylah Faye Aurora Carino Roy Kantuna (2015-2016)
2016-2019  TBA  TBA Mylah Faye Aurora Carino Roy Kantuna